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You’ve got a key element in place. A clearly articulated business strategy is essential for a successful business or brand.

But it’s just one of several essential components. Is your strategy supported with a solid tactical plan that:

  • Will motivate your customers to approve, prescribe, use, and pay for your therapy because it provides them with an offer they cannot refuse?
  • Will motivate cross-functional alignment and follow-through between commercial, sales, R&D, market access, regulatory, market research and medical?
  • Is tracked against clear metrics to verify the achievement of goals such as patient share, scripts and share of voice?

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Based on your responses, your company appears to be on the right track. However, if there is a particular area of interest that has brought you to our site today, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Insights and Strategy for Pharma

Sixsense Strategy Group is a consulting company focused on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. By understanding the needs and motivations of patients, healthcare professionals, regulators and payers, we help our customers design and execute business strategy that enables them to achieve often aggressive business goals.

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