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zo ratansi
ideas and inspiration catalyst, master strategist, managing partner

Zo is a thought provoking, inspiring business leader with a talent for helping clients to think differently about their business challenges and solutions. His approach to business is simple - good strategy should be designed to meet the needs of customers.

Zo has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in Canada, the US and Europe, with experience spanning the areas of commercial, medical, sales and R&D strategy and planning. He has a genuine curiosity for understanding customer needs and is skilled in designing good business strategy. This is clearly demonstrated by his ability to successfully elicit insights from physicians, nurses and patients through Advisory Boards and provide his clients with sound strategic guidance based on these learnings. He has also successfully coached leadership teams within pharma and biotech companies.

Prior to co-founding Sixsense Strategy Group, Zo earned an MBA in Marketing and worked as a Senior Marketing Manager at Kraft Foods. He is trained in The Fundamentals of Structural Thinking and is licensed to teach The Managerial Moment of Truth leadership program. He also holds a Certificate in Alternate Dispute and Conflict Resolution. More recently, Zo helped launch the Toronto chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Accelerator Program, which helps first-stage entrepreneurs catapult their business to the $1 million level.

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