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tom hendrikson
chief breakthrough officer, master strategist, managing partner

Tom is known for his ability to bring clarity to even the most complex business challenges. Drawing upon his background in the discipline of structural thinking, Tom works closely and collaboratively with business leaders to help them bring their challenges into sharp focus. He then helps them identify and implement strategies that achieve meaningful, sustainable change at all levels of their organization.

Tom has more than 30 years of business experience, working with businesses in several sectors, including the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. He has extensive expertise in strategic planning and consulting as well as leadership coaching in these industries. To Tom, business strategy is deeply rooted in a thorough understanding of the needs and motivations of a business’s customers and consumers.

Prior to co-founding Sixsense Strategy Group, Tom worked for Kraft Foods, where he accumulated extensive experience in brand and sales management, leadership development, and strategy training. This is complemented by Tom’s own development path: he has achieved certification as an instructor of The Managerial Moment of Truth (which he continues to teach) and he is completing his certification in Structural Consulting. 


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