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robert fritz
inventor of structural thinking

Robert has been developing the field of structural dynamics through his work in organizational, business and management issues for more than 30 years.  He is in the forefront of revolutionary change in how organizations structure themselves, and his insights on the creative process and structural dynamics serve as the foundation of meaningful and lasting change for individuals, departments and companies.

As a consultant, Robert has worked extensively with many organizations, including global pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies, to help them put the structural approach into practice.  His work with the pharma and bio-tech industries has included customer insight, business strategy development, regulatory approval consulting, and executive team coaching.   

A best-selling author, Robert has written The Path of Least Resistance, Creating, Corporate Tides, The Path of Least Resistance for Managers, Your Life as Art, Elements and The Managerial Moment of Truth.  The business strategy book The Path of Least Resistance for Managers features a Sixsense Strategy Group client case study. The Managerial Moment of Truth (co-authored with Bruce Bodaken) was chosen as one of Businessweek’s best books of 2007, and appeared on the executive reading list of the Harvard Business Review. 

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