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chris zealey
science & strategy consultant

Chris graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honours Bachelor of Science Co-op degree in Biology (specialized in Microbiology) and completed his Master’s degree in Biotechnology at McGill University. Throughout his post-graduate studies, Chris coupled his background in infectious disease & immunology with his interest in business strategy by researching lung infections in cystic fibrosis patients while specializing in Business & Policy through MBA and Law School level education. His projects have ranged from the development of physiological in vitro lab-based models to strategic business plan development and company pre-market valuations.

Throughout his degrees, Chris worked for various multi-national pharmaceutical companies, concentrating his research efforts on preventative therapeutic development for viral infections, including published research into a nano-particle vaccine for HIV at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine. At the graduate level, he focused his efforts on translational microbiology research, where he and his lab have suggested potential risks for recently proposed antimicrobial therapeutics. Chris’ interdisciplinary experience within the biotechnology industry and academia allows him to efficiently build and communicate logical connections between basic scientific research and business strategy. 

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