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chris barr
science & strategy consultant

As a Sixsense research and insights specialist, Chris brings a unique understanding of clinical practice to the team. Prior to working with Sixsense, Chris practiced as a pharmacist in Scotland, splitting his time between hospital, community and education pharmacy. In these roles, Chris demonstrated his commitment to professionalism by delivering the highest standards of patient care.

In his educational role, working for the NHS, Chris trained pre-registration pharmacists on a wide range of clinical areas using facilitation and practice-based small group learning to prepare trainees for their registration exams. In his work as a hospital pharmacist, Chris practiced as part of the multi-disciplinary team focusing on highly specialist areas including fertility medicine, cosmetic surgery, and orthopedics. 

Chris graduated from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow with a Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) and maintains his registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council, the licensing body of pharmacists in Great Britain.

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