. . . .
zo ratansi
ideas and inspiration catalyst, master strategist, managing partner
tom hendrikson
chief breakthrough officer, master strategist, managing partner
patrick hillan
senior science & strategy consultant
chris barr
science & strategy consultant
chris zealey
science & strategy consultant
natasha pascoe, PhD
science & strategy consultant
elizabeth dyke
medical insight cultivator, facilitator strategist
erin stashin
harvester of medical insight, facilitator strategist
robert fritz
inventor of structural thinking
gabrielle bauer
senior medical writer

At Sixsense Strategy Group, we take our client work and relationships very seriously. We consider it an honour to be invited and re-invited to work in client organizations so we set a very high quality standard for our people.  As such, it is no easy feat to be invited to join our team. However, over the past 10 years we are proud to have assembled a team of experts that our clients have come to know, like, and trust.  

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